The Big Bang - Not A Big Bang.

One of the biggest misconceptions about the beginning of our universe is that there was this massive explosion, that blew matter everywhere, from nothing. Those of us with a simple understanding have tried time and time again to explain, that is not how it works. There was not one speck of dust that just became everything.

Creationsist believe it took magic to make the whole of the universe, but still can't explain how their deity could come from nothing to make the universe from nothing. It seems like a paradox. Sort of like finding a modern chicken egg and no chicken. Because their deity being energy or matter would have needed energy or matter to exist, for them to exist. Then with their magic energy create more of the same. The problem with that idea is it makes them less of a deity, because the designer must have a designer.

Science and cosmologists explain that the universe expanded. There was nothing, and then something changed. Matter began bubbling out and expanding all around in every direction. The Earth is not the center of the universe. Everything is the center of the universe, depending on your position. All of the universe is expanding and moving away at equal rates.

I know the argument from the creationists side. We say everything came from nothing, and that is less possible than their god, which quickly exposes how little they know about the cozmos. It also shows how little they are willing to know. The universe is not a simple thing with just some starts hanging out in the sky, a moon made to suit us, and a sun that follows the whim of some deity, who at will, can destroy us all. That is simply an argument from ignorance.

The universe is a quite complex dynamic with neutrinos shooting everywhere, particles, atoms, quarks, all making up important factors of the life and existence we know. The universe had been explained as a bubble by Dr. Krauss, who explains it inflates like a balloon. It is not like creationists like to remark when they are arguing their point. Everything about this universe made it possible for life to arise, not just here but in other parts far from our reaches.

We have a lot to learn about our universe. Dr. Michio Kaku believes we exist in only one of many, which is seeming more possible. While this had led some creationists to believe that there is likely a god in other universes, we can not be sure. Since there could be high variation to the universes or, they could all be similar to this one with slight difference.

The future belongs to the explorers, and so does the understanding of a vast universe we are exploring at light speed. It may take us hundreds of more years to understand what makes this universe tick, but it is quickly being revealed. One leap at a time. The Large Hadron Collider is helping physicists to understand how atoms and particles work, and how they don't work. There are so many shocking secrets the universe is hiding, but god theory does not seem to be one. 

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