Are We At War With Muslims?

CNN released an article today about a Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who called for the death of Americans, any means necessary. While he did not call for the death of women and children directly, if they get in the way, then it is fine to kill them too.

He was killed in a drone attack, but his words of hate live on and were printed by the Yemen Al-Qaeda. His words of hate will be read by thousands, and as of yet no other clerics have come forward to condemn him. It is tragic to see this mentality, and it begs the question are we at war with the Muslims. In his hate filled letter to be published, he said that America is at war with Muslims, and their Quran allows the killing of infidels who declare war on Muslims. War on Muslims is not what we declared on 9/11.

 Yet it seems like it was. We have spent over a decade blowing up the middle east and killing people, and there seems to be no end in sight. We don't even have to pay attention to how much of it is going on. America has become numb to the number of Muslims that are dying in drone attacks, but it does not justify people calling for using chemical weapons. In fact the more each side rallies against the other, the more lives that will be lost without justification.

It seems like both sides only want death, and in reality this war is beginning to look more like Christians vs Muslims. There has been no mass attacks since 9/11, except for on Muslims, in almost every Muslim country there is. It seems that any country that we can bully, has to welcome us with open arms. That does not condone the use of violence on Americans. In fact it would only add to the amount of violence in the Middle East.

It seems the direction if this war, is no direction at all. Just mass attacks on people we suspect are terrorists, and we plan to push as far as we can. Meanwhile people filled with hate rally against the common enemy, America, who is so busy bullying others, we don't know when to leave them alone. It is hard to find a middle ground here, since both sides seem determined to fight over their religion.

I am tired of Muslims calling for the death of all Americans, just like I am tired of Americans calling for the death of all Muslims. It seems to me if both sides are busy trying to kill each other then no one is listening. That is no one invested in hate. I don't think all Muslims want to see all Americans dead, just like I know all Americans don't want to see all Muslims dead. We all have to share this life together, and we should realize it. This world is big enough, that sensibility should be the used to understand each other, instead we are at war over religion. Religion seems to be the biggest source of hate and panic, and fear. We should look forward to the day when atheists are the majority, then we can chose education over war, and NASA over Jihad.

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