Not A Man Eater: But A Man Eater....

 For all the men out there who feel I might be hard on you sometimes, I must stop and take a few moments to give you something to smile about. Life would not be as fun if we could self procreate, or were a unisex species. Men are so very necessary.

Sure there are lesbians out there who might dispute that statement, but even they must admit, we need you around. Who else can make us feel so frustrated, and yet sexually alive. Who else holds the key to making offspring, and making it so much fun. Men are some of the best parts of sex. That has everything to do with size, shape, and use of his penis. Now don't get depressed at this point fellas. I want to make you feel better. A twelve inch penis is not a joy ride, it is a crow bar. And I don't need my thighs pried open.

The average man has a six inch penis. That is about average enough for any woman. Our vaginas are not huge, and a crowbar sized penis is not the tool to fit. When a man has a penis that huge he has to use caution during intercourse, otherwise he can do damage to the soft vaginal tissue. For those of you unlucky enough to have a penis smaller than six inches, a word of advice, learn to use it well. I am not talking you think it is well, but she thinks it is well. I realize it has become a weapon to use the size of a mans penis against him, but fellas, really the work matters too. Having a nice penis and then using it as a battering ram is not good sex, it is painful sex.

There is a genetic disease which makes men have smaller penises, and really there is nothing to be done. No pump, no pills, no anything will make your penis grow. What you got is what you were given. But that does not mean you can't make the best use of it. Many women are picky, but there is an evolutionary reason behind it. Males who are more endowed tend to be able to produce more offspring, and feel better about themselves. But the reality is, only you keep track of the size of your penis. Many women care more about the guy then the size of his penis. The six inch penis is just a bonus on a great guy.

That being said, you guys need to know something. Some women don't want monster penises in their vaginas. It is just too much. Sex with something huge can be uncomfortable, and make us very sore. Sure the vagina is elastic and can stretch back, but it has to do that slowly. Six inches of hard flesh is plenty to send any woman into the land of orgasms. You know, those important little quakes a woman gets, or the volcanic eruption from between her legs. Those are important, especially when trying to conceive, because the vaginal secretions actually help the sperm swim and provide protection against the hostile envorinment of the uterus. Plus it will make your partner very happy.

Not every woman can have a quick orgasm. Most women take between ten to twenty minuets. This is a long time compared to the stimulation going on in the male penis. That is because his nerves are at the tip of his penis, right by the urethral opening. For a woman her stimulation is both physical as much as mental. Her nerves are located in the clitoris, and follow a line back through into the vaginal area, where the G-spot is located, about two inches inside of the vagina. So it takes more time for her to complete orgasm and her attention must continue to be about the sex.

Many men are very capable of giving orgasms to their ladies, but not every woman is capable of having them. Some women have gone their whole life without one. So one suggestion would be to try toys, lubes and gels to aid in sexual comfort and play. See if an orgasm is stimulated through that. There is nothing wrong with toys in the bedroom. It might make the sex you have more fun and playful. Try various positions and places ( private and quiet) to aid in sexual stimulation.

 Men are wonderful to have around, for their sexy look, the way they make us feel, and all the comfort they bring. Knowing that your strong when we are weak, laughing with you, and getting you to listen to our pointless chatter matters. We evolved for each other, even if some of us prefer the same sex, it is not a big deal, because  there is comfort and love to be found between two guys or girls, but this one is for the straight guys. It feels good when you notice us looking nice for you, when you run your hands through our hair, and whisper that you love us. Men are a very good part of this life. They are funny when they are too needy, and annoying at the same time. It is amazing how they can find the strength to lift a couch, but can't get out of bed with a cold.

What I want to say here is you guys are awesome. I enjoy having you as friends, and companions. You make me smile, feel better, laugh and love you. You make my heart fall, and pick it back up. Men are fabulous and I adore them. Plus I don't have a penis, so I just have to adore them more.

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