A Mission Of Misery

In India there exists an organization, operating at the expense of human life, a mid-evil institute of suffering and pain. People come and die by the hundreds. Christopher Hitchens talked about the human wasteland called the Sisters of Charity, and the misery they inflict, in the name self absorbed deity. The world is tired of turning a blind eye to this bubbling catastrophe and home of despair.

It is so shocking to see the pictures from a disgusting place of drudgery. People come to spend their last miserable days being given pseudo medicine, barely humane treatment, in a facility which by no means meets any medical standards. It is gross negligence by the state at best, and sheer barbary at worst. If this is the reward of the poor, then it should be used as torture for the rich. The home for the dying in Calcutta is a charity in no means of the word. People are skinny and starved looking, allowed to sit or lay on a dank musty cot, with nothing to occupy the mind but the staggering thoughts of death. The personnel are not trained, the medicine is old, the syringes are hand washed and not sterile, the area for washing is not made for human excrement.

It operates under the saintly name of Mother Teresa, a woman who spent her time pleading with the rich representing the idea of poverty and chastity, while building an army of faithful servants to the church. Under the disguise of charity for the poor and dying. She benefited the church by watching endless numbers of human beings suffer till their last breath. She was less of a saint and more of a masochist, who bled the rich in the name of the pope.

Today, her charity continues to operate, the same unchanged fascist way it did back then. With little humanity, or reverence for life's quality. Much of the money spent in the home for the dying goes to recruiting more nuns for the Catholic church, who willfully ignores the suffering of the Indians trapped in this drudgery. The Pope is busy ignoring all the other crimes against humanity by the Catholic church, to notice this one. Mother Teresa left her ill gotten gains  hands of the Vatican to dole out to her many nunneries. Which far outnumber her charitable organizations.

The creation of nunneries was the actual intent of Mother Teresa. She was not looking to be the savior of the people, one of her famous quotes was, "As Christ suffered, they should learn to suffer too." Which is astounding since the intent of his suffering, as explained in the Bible, was to stop human suffering. Which seems to be beyond the capacity of  the Sisters of Charity. Instead they heap more suffering upon an already weak, and vulnerable lot of people steeped in poverty and suffering, and at the mercy of this brutal form of medical care.

Would the world be worse off without the Sisters Of Charity? I highly doubt it. India would have to face their burden, and do it with actual medical care. They would have to stop avoiding the reality that thousands of their people are out there dying, and demand better. Often times when places like this operate it is easier to avoid the reality than to deal with the misery. It is time that the Catholic Church let go the choke hold it has on these impoverished people and India looked for real solutions. Ones that include necessary medicines, and humane treatment. As India becomes more developed it is time to initiate a means to care for the sick and dying that shows humanity and eliminated this fanatical practice.

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