P.C. and over the line. How delusional are the PC crowd.

In the interests of preserving feelings and saving face there is a PC crowd out there so overly ambitious they want us all to just stop talking. That's right, noting you can ever say will be PC enough for them, and next our cold and bitter stares, sad and empathetic looks will be on the line. Because you are biggoting with your eyes. PC has gone from making the world a better place to making this country full of a bunch of whining morons who don't get the difference between help and harm. They are so worried someone is being damaged by your use of language they want you to just be silenced.

Contrary to this line of utter garbage, it does nothing to solve any problems. PC people are just a unch of whiny malcontents looking for a place to happen. They are actually doing the worst harm by stopping intellectual discussions about how to inform, educate, and change minds. Because changing minds is also not PC, unless you are a PCtard looking to spread your vile message of just stop talking and start unwantedly hugging people who can't stand you because you want to cover the crap in society and play pretend that it doesn't exist and we all get along.

Realistically, we as a society have issues, deep and wide issues. We have factions going out there trying to do harm to everyone else and it seems the only way to get into the mix and cure it is being attacked. Instead of having intellectuals address situations and resolve social conflict, we either have a bunch of extremists running around crying everything is the end of the world, a fascist state, Hitler, or that everything is racist.

What this shows is that ignorance has the power in our society and the educated are being shoved into the corners and out of the way. We keep looking for the PC people to solve issues they have no concept of how to deal with. Just look, has PC stopped bullying, no. Has being PC stopped violence in America, no. Has being PC done anything good, no. We just have a bunch of pretentious evangelists telling us how to speak and when we can be heard, and it does nothing for important social issues.

I don't buy the PC mantra. I am not going to be politically correct for anyone to feel all better inside while other groups suffer the slings and arrows of foul play, and utter disregard. I can't settiate myslef to relegating human suffering to a PC garbage movement of worthless intentions solving nothing.

We as a society need to address things as they are, call out real social issues, and say, screw the PC crap, we intend to get things done. From PC feminism, racism, animal rights to PC politics, it is all a mash of utter garbage handed to you on a platter and we can't afford to play pretend in a time where social justice should be keeping up with technology.

So you can play pretend in your personal lives as much as you care to but as for PC and me. I don't cater to people who have enough issues that they can't address things like adults. Go play PC in your sand box.

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