Why can't we nail down the new Pope.

Most people would say the new pope is a brand new curtain dressing for a dying, stagnant organization that has been loosing thousands of members the last few years while Ratzinger held the role of Pope. Others would say that he is another trickster looking to reel people back in. Some would say he is here to shake up the masses, and others yet would say he is the pope of the people.

No one seems to know quite where his loyalty lays, but even atheists have been ranting on about him. His move to do away with the golden throne, shed the fancy robes and sneak out at night disguised as a priest has people scratching their heads. Then came the blow to corporate America when he spoke out about poverty levels increasing while the rich get richer.

Suddenly he is the right winged agenda's enemy number one. After all, how dare he speak out against a perfect relationship with money and religion. How dare he not be on the side of the people using his name to say horrible, cruel things about people. He went so far as to say atheists would go to heaven too, and we are not to judge homosexuals.

Suddenly no one knows what to think of the man who doesn't seem to be a hate filled, gay bashing, corporate sell out. There is no one peg you can put him in. Everything that Ratzinger was, he is not. Many people now worry that this is all a PR stunt by the church to get people back into pews and from the flood of apostasy that has been happening.

Then there are the late night trips to help the poor. No one seems able to explain those. Not even his own following. Since he was completely off the radar. It wasn't his intent to be discovered at all. So could this be more than showmanship?

While I will never buy into any doctrine that is religious, the whole making Fox news and the religious right here in America scathingly angry does make me smile. I can't go so far as to say I love this pope, I certainly don't hate him like I did Ratzinger. He has made me scratch my head once in a while.

I can't tell you all the pleasure I get from hearing about Rush Limbaugh hating everything he stands for. Or how much it means to hear him go against corporate America, even if it is PR. Because these guys were claiming the moral high ground for so long, it was time someone took them down a notch or ten.

While I can't say that this pope will be on my list of hero's, or bravest people ever, it is refreshing to see all the people he has n an uproar over his actions. I am not going to be all for him because he has yet to say women are free to have abortions, take birth control, and that homosexuals are to be treated as equal humans, and give the lists of pedophiles over and be done with it. When he does, he might just make that list, and not a second before.

Even if you can't get with this new pope, you have to have a great smile on your face when you see the religious right dazed and confused.

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