Here comes the new year. So now what?

I spent the last week or so listening to people tell me their negative ideas about fat people, obese people, what ever you might call us. I listened to people plagued with it themselves. I watched numerous videos on You Tube about morbidly obese people. I watched surgery after surgery, people going through gastric bypass surgery, having gastric bands put on. I watched scientific shows on what we eat and what it does.

Then I went through information on what eating healthy food does for the body. It was all a big lump of a few things.

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup seems to be crucial in adding obesity to people. It's in everything, almost. People are more obese than ever and the numbers are growing every day.

2. It is not just America getting obese, but every country with fast food.

3. Gastric Bypass surgery is for those who know they are going to fail at another and another diet, because some people are predisposed to over eating.

4. Shaming people because they are obese, only makes them hate themselves enough to over eat more.

5. There is more to all of this than people simply want you to think. It is not just you being weak, it is an amalgum of things contributing to this problem.

So I have made up my mind. I have emptied out my cupboards. I have the food ready, the house set. I am going on the mother of all.......

Not diets. Diets don't work, they won't work. You can't get used to all that stuff and just be done with it overnight. It won't happen. You will fail.

What I am doing is changing everything. From day 1. So it will be one full year of trying this. It will be hard. There is no doubt.

There will be no pop, no chocolate, no cookies, not HFCS, not one bit, and it will be merciless.

But I decided that the only way to know, is to know.

I have avoided much of the HFCS in my diet, but I know it gets in. I know my weight is increasing after months of hard work, simply because I went back to pop and cookies.

While many would say that it is simply my fault for not eating good. I would love to see them balance college, and work and writing for magazines, and a podcast, and activism.

At the end of the day, I want to eat for comfort. It is the only comfort I have, because my hard work is often just the product of something I will be working on tomorrow.

I have neglected me, and the truth is, I have to find a balance that fits. So it is prioritizing. This can't be any longer neglected, but more importantly, what is making it so easy for me to gain weight so rapidly, is all the sugar.

So one year, without all the junk. At the end of the year I get to see the results. I get to tell people how it went, and hope for success.

I am hoping that this will be one of my best years yet to come, and that along the way I can show others how to do it.

More than that, I want to see what the cost difference is, and the price of clothes. If the change is equal then really, I have only gained from this experience, and I want to be around a lot more years to enjoy my body. So as of January 1 2014. I make a stand for my future and my health and me.

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