What don't you get about the term privilege?

Let me open by stipulating that I really think it is the pedantic notion of insulting, and verbally assaulting someone which inspires the use of the term privilege. Like aggressively silencing someone because they are not the right color, or gender, or race to address any situation. It is the dismissal of education, intellectual value, hard work and dedication to unity which drives the bitter vitriol into people.

As of late there is a seething band of people in the atheist community who think throwing out the privilege card means you win. Like a triumph card. So let me enlighten you, that not only is this false, but it clearly states you feeling of inferiority, and abusive nature.

Don't think I have the intention of spending the rest of my days responding to assaults on this blog, because I am sure they will just confirm what I am stating here, and in reality, and in light of my education on this topic, I am not interested to argue with you.

Privilege is thrown at men in droves. …

Taking control of your atheist sexuality

No Two Minds Think Exactly Alike.

In the grand scheme of things, your mind is as unique as your finger prints or your retina. No person has been like you or will ever be as exact as you. You are a special data bank of thought and information collected over your lifetime to the point where you read this, and then forever after.

Have you ever stopped to think of the most unique events of your life, or even the ones which seem mundane and far from extraordinary? These events shaped the way you think, your neural responses, your patterns. Every one of them can trigger a preconceived action. You are at this point in time, all of your prior patterns. Those are broken when new information enters, and a new neural link is made.

Many people will go a lifetime and make a minimal amount of re-linkings, some people will constantly create new information and links. Memories are accessed all the time in our minds, sometimes changing and adding new information to them, but it doesn't change large portions of our brain, neural,…

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Disaster Relief For Churches?

Thomas Jefferson said it well, there is a wall between church and state, and that wall should not be breached. This is one off the largest and most substantial cornerstones of our Nation, and while the cracks have been coming by the way of constant hammering by the religious right, now they are adding dynamite.

Churches are supposed to operate separate of the state and federal government. They have to buy land, build and insure it for the worth of the building. In the past they have gained federal funds by doing day care, and charitable donations to the poor. While that sounds fine, it is not, those are small and unforgiving breaches of the separation of state and church.

"Believing with you that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God; that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship; that the legislative powers of government reach actions only and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people …

Ohio Governed By Anti Choice, Pro Vaginal Rape, John Kasich

The overwhelming sting of second class citizenry hit home this last week when Governor Kasich a Ohio Republican signed into law cuts for planned parenthood, forced ultrasounds, and forbidden for rape counselors to talk about all options. This was the lowest blow in Ohio to date by Republicans, who obviously have no care for who their votes come from, well as long as they are women.

A group of pro life, pro suffering which goes by a historic name, showing their outdated thinking, and clear disdain for women and their choices, The Susan B Anthony list have been pushing for this legislation. The claim that after a doctor was convicted of killing newborns, abortion needs restricted. Those were probably partial birth abortions. Which in a pro lifer's eyes is a baby. But then they know nothing of science or facts. They are simply pro life until it is born, then let it suffer a horrible life.

Kasich stepped over the line this time. He didn't even let the legislation go through commit…

Common Errors About Fossils.

One of the mistakes people make about fossils, is how we have fossils and what they really are. They can vary, and understanding them is key to understanding history, and why it can be so hard to time date them, while not at all impossible.

When you think of fossil, many people think it is still the actual animals body that has somehow survived the ages, as many as millions to billions of years. If this were true, that would be wondrous. The reality is, though, those bones are mostly long gone.

Fossilizing happens under certain conditions. It doesn't happen under all conditions. If the bones are eaten by predators, smashed up, or just not buried, we will never find them, and those will never be species we have in the records of history. Simply, somethings will never fossilize, even though bone is a tough substance.

If the conditions are right, such as an animal, dinosaur, fish winding up in sediment, or being buried quickly, or a mass extinction leaving no predators to predated o…