What don't you get about the term privilege?

Let me open by stipulating that I really think it is the pedantic notion of insulting, and verbally assaulting someone which inspires the use of the term privilege. Like aggressively silencing someone because they are not the right color, or gender, or race to address any situation. It is the dismissal of education, intellectual value, hard work and dedication to unity which drives the bitter vitriol into people.

As of late there is a seething band of people in the atheist community who think throwing out the privilege card means you win. Like a triumph card. So let me enlighten you, that not only is this false, but it clearly states you feeling of inferiority, and abusive nature.

Don't think I have the intention of spending the rest of my days responding to assaults on this blog, because I am sure they will just confirm what I am stating here, and in reality, and in light of my education on this topic, I am not interested to argue with you.

Privilege is thrown at men in droves. A white cis male, he can't talk about race issues. Are you sure? What if he has spent his life in the ghetto, or has a degree in minority studies, or has helped in the cause of gaining rights for minorities and seen the suffering?

Since when did being white and straight make you anything? Are you privy to his private life? Do you know about his circumstances, education, friends, and activism? If not aren't you just using your ignorance to say he is ignorant?

Does everyone have privilege? According to the way people are throwing around the terminology, yes. White and straight, and male. White and straight. Upper class, lower class, middle class. Oh the privilege. But just if you are white, and straight, and especially if you are male?

Let me just bring the reality check in here. You don't know what you are talking about, and you look like it when you talk.

Most lower class white  straight males at best have a few friends. Social friends. The don't have access to the resources to have any power. They go to their jobs where they work 8, 10, 12, 16 hours a day to provide for their families. They work alongside minorities who are doing the same. They make enough money for a home, car, and food.  The amount of privilege society offers them is nothing. They get speeding tickets, pay high taxes, don't have big savings accounts, don't rub elbows with rich men, aren't of substantial value to their work place so that they can do what they please, and society notes they exist and could care less.

Since I have known lesbians, and homosexual males, in that lower class, the same goes for them. They generally live a life the same way. Most people don't treat them too differently, except bigots. And then it is not about privilege, it is about bigotry. They get treated equal to the other minorities, by bigots. But for the majority of the time, they just live the same non privileged life.

Just because you are white and straight and male in America doesn't mean anything, other than there are less bigots waiting to abuse you. And since when is the lack of abuse a privilege? So we are equating abusive behaviors with non privilege, and not putting them were they belong?

Are we really saying, you haven't been abused enough by society and life, so you must have some magical privilege? So then I guess you don't care if he was a straight white male who was systematically abused at home?

Since when is not having something happen to you a privilege? Now it is about grading by levels of suffering? How do you know how much someone else has suffered? Because you are racially and sexually profiling? Because you are bigot minded against white males? Especially straight white males.

In our society the advantages and privileges come in in certain areas. Upper class, money, stardom, fame, fortune, and connections. That is where privilege really lives.

I was privy to note this as a teenager. In my social world those who had homes and social ties to the mayor and the police and knew people who could keep them out of trouble did get a degree of privilege. But it was proportional to a lot of dynamics. But that was a small town, where everyone knew everyone and everything you did.

Go to the city where anonymity lives and no one cares who you are. You have to make an effort to rub elbows with the right people. That goes by class, and social standing, and education and most of all money.

To point at someone and say they have a privilege you know nothing about is absurd. It shows how damn clueless you are and how you demand to be given something based upon the idea that you are missing out on something you may ultimately want no part of.

Really, you want to be the one treating others like shit, and calling the shots. You want to be the one using your privilege to shout others down. and use bigotry. Because that seems to be what you are saying. "Give me power, because you have had it all this time, and don't expect me to earn it, because I said so."

Look at people like Obama, Oprah, 50cent, Look at people who are minorities and doctors, surgeons, pilots, firemen. Look at all the people who are busy making their way to the top, and not whining about privilege. What you are really saying is that you think society owes you something because you think you were kept from anything you want.

I don't think society owes you anything you are not willing to fight for. And it is not in the name calling arena. It is in offices, and court battles, and the streets and protests and in hard work and rising above. It is not in the silencing of those who are your alis'. But then I saw about when a person is your Ali, and they are right up to the point they disagree with you one tiny bit and then fuck them, they are the enemy. Because people should not dare disagree with you, you are the victim, the eternal victim.

Atheists are all not privileged, so that means somewhere, somehow even those white straight guys get to face it. You know like when they are fired for being atheists, or when they are treated like dirt by family and former friends, but I bet you don't care about that.

The most oppressed group among all of us is the black female lesbian atheist, if you are not her, then you have more privilege than her, and from there it goes up, so all of you have some privilege above her. Maybe it is time to start calling you on your white straight female privilege, or even your white gay female privilege because you have more than her. Why don't we all just break down into a bunch of whiny childish self interested, self absorbed victims who constantly point fingers so nothing gets done but victimizing other people and abusing them, because until now, we feel they have not properly been abused, and should suffer, because misery loves company and the only way they can understand us is to suffer...who is up for mental slavery?

Or how about stop using the terminology in ways which demean us all. I am part Cherokee, German, Irish, and Mohawk. So go for trying to tell me where my privilege is. Tell me how wrong I am, and try to make it sound like I have no clue. But I will never forget my dad telling me what his friend said. "I hate those interracial couples and their halfbreed kids." Yet I don't feel like any kind of victim, because those words mean nothing, my skin means nothing. My intellect and strength mean everything and in a world where no one plays fair, I am not going to wait around pointing fingers to get my way. I will make it without dragging anyone down. And I will succeed because I am a winner and not because I used weak ass terms like privilege.

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