Ohio Governed By Anti Choice, Pro Vaginal Rape, John Kasich

The overwhelming sting of second class citizenry hit home this last week when Governor Kasich a Ohio Republican signed into law cuts for planned parenthood, forced ultrasounds, and forbidden for rape counselors to talk about all options. This was the lowest blow in Ohio to date by Republicans, who obviously have no care for who their votes come from, well as long as they are women.

A group of pro life, pro suffering which goes by a historic name, showing their outdated thinking, and clear disdain for women and their choices, The Susan B Anthony list have been pushing for this legislation. The claim that after a doctor was convicted of killing newborns, abortion needs restricted. Those were probably partial birth abortions. Which in a pro lifer's eyes is a baby. But then they know nothing of science or facts. They are simply pro life until it is born, then let it suffer a horrible life.

Kasich stepped over the line this time. He didn't even let the legislation go through committee to be discussed line by line, instead he pulled what is tantamount to tricky dealing, and just passed the legislation, vetoing only the part about expansion of medicaid. What he did was offer tax breaks for the rich in Ohio, once again screwing over the tax payers.

The worst and most egregious thing he did was allow the exercise of unneeded and unwanted ultrasounds on women, vaginal ultrasounds. Whether you want that probe in your vagina or not, medical workers are forced to penetrate your vagina and show you your unwanted fetus, or zygote. It is further attempts to humiliate and degrade women, to force them to change their minds, or feel guilty about their decision. Even if that fetus is the product of incest or rape, you are made to feel guilty about terminating it, because men like Kasich have no respect for women, or their choices, no matter how hard they are.

Due to the sequester wic, and other programs were cut off, and Kasich knew this. He just handed women of Ohio a double edged sword and threw them on it. This anti abortion legislation shows how out of touch he is with reality, and how in touch he is with his fellow Republicans who have gone off the deep end. Just last year Romney and Ryan were handed a defeat because they were so anti abortion. Women came out in great numbers to stand against what they saw as threats to their liberties.

Now Kasich follows in their shoes, showing he sidelines with his party and not the women of Ohio. He can't be trusted with power, if this is how he wields it. Obviously he is not concerned with the health and well being of Ohio women. He didn't just hand it to them on abortions, but HIV tests, much needed Mammograms, and more health services which are vital for women who are under economic duress.

Kasich has clearly stated his position. He is all for big business, and rich republican friends, and money in his pocket. He is against women, their health services, and what is important to them. Unless you are one of the crazy pro life women who are also out of touch with reality. These are a bunch of upper middle class women who are nothing but house wives and soccer moms, and they know nothing about living in poverty and suffering.

It is hard to see people who live in their gated communities and fancy homes dictating to poor, and undereducated women what they can do with their bodies. Not every house wife is that out of touch, but the ones pushing for this are, or even worse, are post menopausal women who no longer have to face the choice of life with a child you can't afford or an abortion.

One of the greatest answers I have to this ladies, is if you are prevented an abortion, then have the baby and leave it at the hospital. Perhaps if the state is flooded with children for adoption, and enough with no homes, and welfare babies, they will look twice at their ignorance.

After all, the care for a child to 18 on welfare has to be expensive for the state. So if the state doesn't want abortions, perhaps they want the bill for thousands of children? Because if we are turned into nothing more than brood mares, for dispensing children, then perhaps the state should foot the bill.

I deplore the idea of penetrating women against their will, while some people might argue that she is going to have instruments put in her vagina to remove the unwanted, unfeeling, unthinking zygote, or fetus, she did not give permission to be shamed and tortured. Women have gone so far as to sickeningly say, well she let a penis go in there, so she deserves it. Well I have this much to say.

Unless you have never had a penis in your vagina, and are a virgin, you have no room to talk. The only difference is you don't have to make this hard choice. One that changes the outcome of your whole life. Women should not be ashamed of having had sex, out of marriage, in marriage, in an abusive marriage, or being raped. Our vagina's are not dirty, sex is not a secret, and most of all of humanity has or will do it.

This is just another form of social bigotry based on privilege, and not on facts or evidence. The fact that you think a woman should be assaulted for having had sex shows how truly ignorant and sick you are. It makes it clear how you don't have respect for anyone who is enjoying sex more than you, and it makes it obvious you don't know how to enjoy it. The world will be a better place once you cease to exist.

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