Ladies: Stop Blaming Men For Not Loving You When You Don't.

I have met so many guys, battered and bruised egos and all. Men who are desperately seeking, anyone. As long as she is kind and giving, and willing to be a little naughty. But what I find is women reaching an age of disinterest. There comes a point in her late thirties when women start feeling the glow is leaving, and the years are coming. Somehow we equate an age of fertility with our sexuality. This is beyond wrong.

Women have spent the last fifty years trying to be defined by more than ovaries, yet I can clearly see men are not alone in doing it, we do it to our selves. While I don't want to advocate that women behave a certain way, or dress a certain way, I must imply that loving your self does wonders for someone loving you. That is not just some lame metaphor, it is a reality. I used to hear women say that a lot, and I often thought, okay, sounds good, but what else.

The what else is getting off the couch and back into life. Remember the teen years when you ran around, and …

The Difference in Macro and Micro Evolution.

No form of evolution ever made a wing overnight. But if you start with just a tiny bit of fuzz, and give about a thousand generations, you might be right there. Micro and macro evolution can be difficult to understand if you think one means that a dog becomes a bear in one generation. That is not only impossible but improbable as well. So how do the scales run over time?

The vital difference between macro and micro evolution are the scales of time in biology. A species can have inter, but not intra, generational mutations. Simple effects such as mutations in pigment genes can create a species which better suits the environment. These happen all the time. If the effect is not beneficial, and predators take note then the mutation will not survive to the next generation, since mutations occur in offspring and show in the juvenile form of the species.

When benefits help the prey or predator species in their environment it is passed on to the next generation. Now mutations like this are s…

How long before Extended Breast Feeding Becomes Creepy?

Okay so the whole world has probably seen the image of a mom nursing her three year old son. I thought at first the cover was just a image to shock the audience into paying to see the article inside. Then I tuned in to see it was about extended breast feeding. It seemed to me there was something about this that tweaked my nerves.

I am a woman and well aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. It can make your baby more healthy, and help you lose a few pounds in the process. But how long of an extension should breastfeeding get? It seems to me there is a line, and some people are willing to push it back as far as it can go, but what are the drawbacks and benefits here?

For a baby who is breast feeding they are getting antibodies, which can last up to six months of age, and that helps a lot when it comes to children and illness. Plus breast feeding means less milk will run down their face into their ears, like formula and bottles can. So it can save you trips to the doctor. It helps bond…

I love My Homosexual Friends: Now Stop Telling Me What To Write.

I often get some snide remark about my blog. Even though I have mentioned homosexuals fondly, kindly, and with love. People seem to think my speaking about heterosexuality means that by some twist of words I am criminalizing homosexuality, or blaming them. Well I want to make a few things very clear.

Most of the male pedophiles out there do not consider themselves gay, even if they have molested little boys for years. Being gay does not make you a pedophile. In fact most pedophiles commit crimes because of problems with their mental state, prior abuse(sexual) and other problems in their life. Homosexuality does not seem to be a grand link, or even one. In fact many many homosexuals have very wonderful lives. They love their partners, who are adults, and they are happy.

For years homosexuals were portrayed as confused, scary people with gender identity problems, who are willing to go to any lengths to have their perverse sex, but it turns out they are just normal people making love h…

Not A Man Eater: But A Man Eater....

For all the men out there who feel I might be hard on you sometimes, I must stop and take a few moments to give you something to smile about. Life would not be as fun if we could self procreate, or were a unisex species. Men are so very necessary.

Sure there are lesbians out there who might dispute that statement, but even they must admit, we need you around. Who else can make us feel so frustrated, and yet sexually alive. Who else holds the key to making offspring, and making it so much fun. Men are some of the best parts of sex. That has everything to do with size, shape, and use of his penis. Now don't get depressed at this point fellas. I want to make you feel better. A twelve inch penis is not a joy ride, it is a crow bar. And I don't need my thighs pried open.

The average man has a six inch penis. That is about average enough for any woman. Our vaginas are not huge, and a crowbar sized penis is not the tool to fit. When a man has a penis that huge he has to use caution…

Trayvon Martin killed: Why is America not Mourning?

It took an outcry from Americas most hated group to get the ball rolling. We are trusted less than rapists, but obviously stand above them, because we cared when Trayvon Martin got murdered. Why did it take so long for justice to start taking place, and why was America silent for so long?

Our society has an illness, one that is as horrendous as any plague, or as hostile as any virus. Racism still lives and breeds in the backstreets and alleys of America. We are still a hotbed of defunct ideas, old world policies, and ignorant morals. Now those have cost one young man his life, but he is not alone. Since the ending of the Civil war there has been a trend of abusing the most helpless racial groups among us, and the pattern is bright and bold.

What used to be the majority, the White male, ruled and continues to rule, with an iron fist. Many of them come from money made on the backs of minorities, as far back as the Civil war. Others made their money later when factories became implement…

Will Human Sexual Nature Become Outdated?

The sex of the future might look and behave like nothing in the past. We might attempt to move beyond sexual intercourse, to a new method of sex. One where partners never have to touch each other. Story lines in the movies talk about using devices that stimulate the same feeling in our bodies without the physical interaction, but can we do it?

Humans thrive on stimulation of their senses. We are bound by our evolution to desire intimacy. The cold hard facts are, we need it. Our bodies secrete pheromones, and when a woman is ovulating men can smell it, even if they don't know it. We leak hormones through our skin even though the dermal layers are dead, we can breathe and absorb through the outer layers. We essentially crave human contact, from the moment we are born till we die, we are by nature social creatures, and being social means needing each other for basic needs. Babies are a good example. While they are nursing from their mother they cause her to release oxytocin. It is p…