Men's Rights Activists. How America is Burning.

I have seen a lot of Bat-shittery in my day, I have, but this new thing where men act like helpless babies who are at the mercy of women, and they act like we are what is wrong with the world? Let me inform you. Women aren't the problem. Men and their constant need to control and dominate women in a regard that is shameless, and forthright are what is wrong with the world. Women are just trying to actually be equals with men, much to the chagrin of our male counterparts who happen to be blazing sexists.

If it were up to men like Paul Elam, women would be in the kitchen with their mouths closed making him a damn sandwich. He's the boss and he's absolutely certain of it, except he's not. He is another example of why the women in this would still have to cry feminism. He says that women mess up the workplace for men, that they can't be a boys club if women and their nasty vagina's are unleashed on the work place, to cry sexual harassment, and feminine up the place. (Ladies, if you could only keep people from noticing the fact that you have a vagina.)

Let's get down to some important facts about them MRA- Men's Rights Movement. They are out there crying foul about the horrors women have committed. Like, why aren't women part of the draft, if we want to be equal and all, should the draft include us?

1. There should be no draft. No one should be forced to go to war. So stop whining like a little baby.
2. Well, when you men created the draft, and signed it into law, why didn't you include us women? I mean, it's like we weren't equal to you then, and someone doesn't want us equal to you now. Oh, wait, you don't. See, no one man will vote for us women to be drafted, because we make better pies than killers, or so they assume.

This society was created by males, patriarchal males, ones who thought women were too weak and vulnerable to be in battle, or near the front lines. Women were better off as property, and making the babies.In fact, women were the last ones to get the right to vote. Women were considered nothing but property until the suffrage movement, and women were more worried about getting out of the kitchen, than getting into battle gear.

They were fighting for the right to divorce their husbands, who, were legally allowed to beat them until the 1980's, right around there. Women wanted to have custody of their children, and not have them considered property of the men. Which brings me to another point.

Custody, men want it, and that's part of this movement. Well guess what, us sensible women think  that men should play a role in the lives of their children. We don't just want to rip them from your arms and cry foul. Nope, it is the attorneys and the women who have issues with men, who profit from this. Well, that is to a degree. See it is a complex issue. One that merits its own time. But for the sake of this post, I will say in most cases men deserve to have time with their children, and get to raise and love them equally to women, and we know some women are not good mothers.

Beyond this, what does the men's rights have? A lot of time bashing feminists. Because, we set up this whole mess. It started back about 12,000 years ago when women decided to have men plant seeds. Sure women still tended the seeds, but it was the root of the plan. Then we made men get land, build societies and form religions. Ones where we were painted as mischievous, lying, manipulative, whores who needed kept in our place by any means necessary.

To do this, we made men write out all religious books around Abrahamic religions to show what to do with us should we get out of line. Move forward in time, and a few thousand stoning and millions of beatings later, and here we are at the beginning of America. Where it was men who drafted the Constitution, with women behind them whispering, don't give us any rights.

One of my serious problems with this movement is the ignoring of history. When women couldn't get custody of their kids because the children were property of the father. When the courts flipped the decision in the favor of the women, it was so that men could have careers, and make it to the top. Back then women asking for child support got barely nothing, and in many instances they got nothing. Nothing but the responsibility of raising the children.

It is tragic to see how many men are clinging to the past and the desperate need to control women. How insecure men are about their position, and have an extreme inferiority complex. But the reality is, that is where this all comes from. The fear that women will some day do to men, what they have done to us for centuries.

But feminism isn't about ruling the world, and most feminists don't want to crush men into oblivion. This is a lie based on the arrogance and hysteria of men like Rush Limbaugh, who make a career off of slut shaming and constantly bashing women in ways that he wouldn't dare do to a man.

Feminism is a scary word to those who have the power and don't want to let go of it, or should I say privilege. Men have had the upper hand for thousands of years, and in some countries they still do, and it takes a very twisted mind to think that those are countries worth idolizing.

It comes down to, we are all human beings, and religion or not, no one deserves to be the lesser of two beings. That, however, is just what these men's rights groups are about. They are a bunch of pedantic babies who are bitter at women, and have issues with women, and feel like somehow they are inferior. They have lost a case, or been dumped, or what have you by women, and instead of seeing that they might have played a role in the outcome of it, based on their behavior, or other things, they want to blame all women and claim that they get the upper hand.

Men's rights needs to exist about as much as the KKK or a group for white's rights. It is like the privileged aren't privileged enough and have to fight for more. Or like corporations fighting for the right to own politicians. It is the height of absurdity, instead of making men's support groups, or forming legal help for men to get custody of their kids, they just sit around and bash feminists and say how wrong women are and how they play the victim.

Have you ever stopped to realize, maybe they still are the victim. I mean, we don't earn the same money, a woman's degree is worth less than a man's. Women hit the glass celling, and men climb up. Men have more social mobilization, and often make more contacts that give them an advantage. Men are promoted before women, and especially men who are married vs women who are married and have kids.

The statistics are on the side of the women, as far as who is really suffering. While I feel for men who have been wronged in the court system. We need to work on it, but the way is not acting like a bunch of overgrown, hug needing, mommy seeking, save me, pedantic babies. You pull on your big boy panties and you learn how to help yourselves and each other by looking at the specific women you chose, deal with the mistakes you made, work your way to getting more time with your kids, and put up a fight.

When it comes to men's rights, you have it all wrong. Perhaps if you helped women achieve the goals in their economic world, and helped them have healthy careers, and you taught your daughters that men are loving and giving, and that they have to be self supporting women, you wouldn't be in this mess. So stop blaming women for all your woes, and take some personal fucking responsibility. Stop telling us that we belong in the home and then get angry when we want money to do it, and the kids in it. Make up your damn mind.

And don't tell me that women have screwed up your life, because if it wasn't for a woman you wouldn't be here, and half of your problems might be how you see us, and how you think that somehow we are so different and ready to drag you down, because you have issues with women. Maybe get some therapy.

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