Death before Abortion in Ireland.

Last year in Ireland a woman paid the price for getting pregnant, with her life. She was denied  the termination if her pregnancy after it was discovered that the fetus would not be viable and she was going to miscarry. She went home and had the miscarriage three days later, and then four days after was in critical care, which ended in her death. This story cropped up last year. Now Ireland is facing historic decisions and unprecedented rage, and debate. For the women of Ireland, the battle is on, and the outcome may cost lives.

Here in America abortion has been under attack, but in Ireland just being pro choice is dangerous, but making a fake depiction of abortion can get you arrested. The whole Country is up in arms over their side on the abortion debate. Meanwhile many lives are affected by these laws with complete disregard to the suffering of the most important parties, the women.

Ireland laws currently allow abortion only if the life of the mother is at stake, not if the health of her is at stake. Those two typically go hand in hand as most people could clearly see. As was the case with the woman who died. She died in part, because of a blood infection cause by the death and then decay of the fetus.

Now there are sides being taken which don't just come across as extreme, they are even a bit dangerous. Ireland is known for the passion of its history, and that continues to now, and will continue into October when it is likely a new constitution is going to be drawn up.

The couple was refused termination on the basis that Ireland is a Catholic nation, in other words a theocracy, and Catholics as well as the pope are notoriously anti abortion even at the high price of the beautiful lives they cost. Te Catholic church has had a strangle hold on the country for many years, and being Catholic is not just a religion, but a big part of life and acceptance there.

The suffering this has caused is untold. From women being forced to seek abortions in other countries, to many women burdened with poor heath because they are forced to overtax their bodies with pregnancy after pregnancy. Since the Catholic church is firmly against contraception of any kind.

Now women have protested because of the death of this woman who only wanted badly to live. Doctor care of the woman has come under scrutiny, and records are being poured over to find out exactly what went wrong, and caused her death, but the one vital thing that could have saved her, an abortion was the one thing that was denied to her, all because of dogmatic minds.

When it comes time for Ireland to decide, we can expect radical groups of pro life, and more moderate pro choice groups to come to the light, though word is that moderate pro choice people, including doctors, are terrified to speak, for fear of reprisal at the hands of pro life extremists. In fact the news papers are forbidden from writing about it and even the journalists hands are tied. All we can do is wait and watch as Ireland is locked in the same debate that is raging here in America.

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