Terrorism and Refugees; The Holy Grail Of Ignorant America

Wouldn't it be both amazing and sad to look on the human race as an alien species? Think about all the crazy things you would see, and hear. One species completely isolated from one another, by regions, by water, and by ideologies. America has lost the war on rational thinking, and paranoia is king. Worse than that is the facts surrounding the terrorism, and what in the world is going on. We can't be sure of our neighbors, and we sure can't be sure of ourselves.

I remember back in my budding youth when the Internet and I were young, how I loved to talk to people from other countries. I was a Christian back then, and I was curious. I wanted to know why religions couldn't get along. All Abrahamic religions share the same God, so why not just be peaceful about it. So I spent many nights in chat rooms with people from around the world. I soon learned why they couldn't get along. Because everyone had this idea of religion that they created.

In atheism we often use the term cherry picking. People picking parts of the bible they like or want to use, to take advantage of situations which fit their bias. Well the same can be said for Muslims. Many Muslim women don't want to believe that their Allan thinks little or nothing of them, just like Christian women.

Many Muslim men believe it is their duty to be the man, to enforce Islam, and to own their women, and keep them for themselves. The same way older Christian men treat their wives. Or the way Christians treat homosexuals or transgender people, based on verses I. The bible they pick out like a card from a deck. It's the nature of the beast. Especially when you have a book which dictates things like stoning and death, and hell fire and damnation. It gives people the sense of moral superiority because a "divine" figure commanded it.

These terrorists are not a new thing, they are just more noticed, have better access to the world, and most of all weapons. After all, it has been only a few hundred years since both Islam and Christianity marched all over Europe forcing conversions under the penalty of death, and even less time since Christians took America and beat, abuse, and killed natives under the same premises.

Modern terrorism isn't so modern, it just so in your face, and that is because it gets attention. It's hard not to pay attention to the deaths of hundreds of people. It's something that civil and good people really can't ignore. But that's what terrorists want. Because they are weak, and cowards, and bullies. Because they really have nothing but terror. The only method they have for gain is to use religion to make themselves powerful, and take things by force, one of those being the feeling of security we typically have.

When people say the US created the terrorists, I just laugh. After all there have been terrorists since before the USA existed. Like Genghis Khan, Constantine, and Caligula. There were also the Mores, the crusades, and the Muslims. All of that was terrorism, we just didn't call it that back then.

All of this ties into modern day, when we try and point fingers at how things got started, led to Paris, and before that 9/11. But it's not modern at all. The Middle East is a vast land of places where there is wealth, and others where there is nothing but poverty. It has been that way for an extremely long time. Population growth I. Those regions has taxed the resources, and made life for many, miserable.

Religion has played a vital role in the devastation of that region by separate factions who can't agree to simply disagree. Instead they war among themselves because there is no real solution. Just like American Christians who have separate ideas and have killed many others in the name of ideological domination. So it's not all about the CIA and America, our meddling in The Middle East, or one simple thing. It's about many things.

It's mostly about poverty, and the will to be the ones in charge of resources. People want to push their brand of being right, and their brand of religion while being the ones with access to all the resources. It's a very complex and volatile situation, one that is simply dummied down for the six o'clock news.

The refugees are fleeing because they don't want to be part of the high stakes game of madness. They just want to live life, and love their families. They don't want a war, and they don't want to worry about loosing their lives, or families lives every day. It is simply horrible for them to fathom. But terrorists know this, and take advantage of their weakness. They take advantage of the kindness that others have for them.

This doesn't mean we should stop, and close all borders. It means that we have to struggle knowing there will always be someone willing to take lives, and monsters will always be, but the thing is, we can't become the monsters, just to protect ourselves from the monsters. In the end it makes us no better than them.

Love is the one thing terrorists don't know, and will never know, they don't know nor will they ever know compassion, and true heart filled sacrifice. They don't know what it is to long for the simple and kind and good things, and how to give openly of themselves. They only know hate, and how to take.

All countries must be the example that fear will not paralyze us into behaving like them, just to remove any fear that we will be next. We must be willing to draw a line and say that with good consciousness we cannot do the same as they did. Drive people from their homes and being happy, not us. Hurt others in the name of selfishness, not us. Do injustice out of selfish fear, not us.

We must not diminish the light of good which comes from within us for the dark security of selfish glory, or we are no better than the worst of them.

We must blame the right things, like the darkness of religion, the rancid scripts in the holy books, but not blame with simplicity the reasons for terrorism, and we must see that these things have always been, but we must be good and compassionate people, because if not, then all is lost.

The attacks on Paris, and America were indeed hideous, and monstrous, but it is only through searching in ourselves that we can understand this behavior and help others to be kind, and show kindness. Otherwise terrorists win, especially when we show the world we have no compassion to give.

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