The Day Logicon Died

If you know Fayetteville  Arkansas, then you know how desperately they need something, anything to alleviate the crushing weight of a religious society. That can also be said for most of the bible belt and most of America.

Logicon is the new kid on the convention block. It has been going for just a few years, and it is not in an atheist or humanist popular area, but the shock is, if you build it, the people will come.

Well the people are coming, and the building has stopped. Unfortunately the funding fell through and the convention might have to be canceled. Not for the best either.

It was to feature Jerry DeWitt, Dr. Darrel Ray, Dorion Sagan, and  Lisa Corrigan.

You can access the link here


Now, the need is urgent. With less than a month left to go to raise the funds needed to make it happen, Jason Bathon and the organizers of the event are scrambling to find major funding sources. After all, the speakers are booked, the venue is booked, the guests are booking and the money, well it seems to be missing.

So they need help from the community, dire, urgent, life saving ...okay, well maybe no one will die if they don't hear Darrel Ray talk about sex, but you can't be sure of that. People have combusted from lesser things.

Point is, they need their community, so what ever you can help with, from 1 dollar, to 1 trillion dollars....okay, maybe just send that to me, really though, they need us and our help. They have to make it to the deadline with the funds in hand.

So tell everyone, and anyone who can help. Logicon is not big, yet, but hopefully, one day it will be a very big attraction. We have to keep skeptics, and atheists and humanists and agnostics coming out, getting together and making the religious protest our existence.

We do something more empowering though, for a short time, we forget how alone we are. Instead of being spread out in pockets and places where getting to each other is sometimes hard, we get some time to not be so alone, to not feel isolated. Even if it only lasts a few days.

So please, please, help Logicon, because we need more events like this, not less. We need more numbers, and strength and unity. We need Logicon, and we need each other.

So donate to Logicon today. Share this link, and tell all your friends. If everyone who sees this donates 1 dollar, Logicon will be fully funded in no time.

Thank you for your support.

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